Welcome to my pixels-of Art Project

Become a part of every piece of art
Welcome to pixels of, my latest art project. In this project, I will publish some of my photos in batches of pixels. If you obtain the NFT for a set of pixels, you will become a contributor to that piece of art and the set of pixels will be unlocked. Once all pixel sets have been unlocked, the photo will be fully visible.
Please have a look at our pieces. We will add more pieces as time goes by.
Pixels of Fitz Roy
unlocked 0 / 10
Often, climbers have to wait for weeks due to bad weather.
Pixels of New York City
unlocked 0 / 10
A busy road, somewhere between the East River & the Hudson River.
Pixels of The Sky
unlocked 0 / 10
High in the sky, climbing with no effort and enjoying the scenery.
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